2018 TextaQueen Calendar


TextaQueen's 2018 Calendar featuring dynamic dates in histories of First Nations, South Asia and the South Asian diaspora since resisting colonisation

TextaQueen uses the humble felt-tip marker to draw out complex politics of identity in intriguingly intricate self-portraiture. Across these calendar pages, her brown body channels experiences beyond her own, uncapping colonial and cultural legacies carried by a person of Indian origin living on others’ ancestral lands.

Her incarnations include appearing as Queen Alexandra in an invisible gown, adorned in jewels made of the spices which deemed India to be a desirable colonial conquest. Gandhi is resurrected with imperfections exposed when she becomes his salivating zombie. In an act of brave vulnerability, her super-hero self rescues her naked self. As a goth re-appropriator she wears a nose chain that dangles with charms representing cultural influences and impositions. Trunks of the long-memoried elephant graft themselves onto indigenous flora of colonised land which she visits uninvited, with another trunk giving her a cold shower of unknown milky liquid over her complicated desire for connection.

Unravelling (sur)realities of (neo)colonialism, exotification, and expectations of cultural authenticity, these allegorical self-portraits employ animal, spiritual and cultural iconography related to TextaQueen’s Goan Indian ancestry alongside emblems associated with the lands colonially called ‘Australia’, on which she was born and raised. With a focus on these unceded territories, this calendar features dates of significance in First Nations history since resisting colonisation, as well as those related to South Asia and the South Asian diaspora to which the artist belongs. This non-comprehensive selection of cultural events, conflicts, celebrations, protests, creative arts publication dates, births and deaths of cultural figures, plus other ‘exotic’ tidbits from around the world, are offered for your reflection over 2018.

21cm x 53.8cm open

Offset printed locally on 100% post-consumer recycled stock with vegetable based inks (images above are digital pre-press)

Hand numbered, limited edition of 500

10% from each calendar bought online going to SOS Blak Australia - Stop the Forced Closure of Aboriginal Communities or you can donate direct at sosblakaustralia.com/donate

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