Good White Person Certificate

Image of Good White Person Certificate


Are you a Good White Person who wishes to be authenticated? For only $10 you can purchase a Good White Person Certificate and you will received lifetime proof that you are an ally to People of Colour. If by any accident, a Person of Colour were to accuse you of racism, you'll simply be able to present this certificate as evidence they have been mistaken, as indeed, you are a Good White Person.

For an extra $10 (choose from drop down menu) I will sign your certificate personally so you needn't find another Person of Colour Representative to sign it for you! Also available for $5 to Black / Indigenous / People of Colour, to gift or sell onwards to their white allies. I TRUST YOU to fill out the details of your anti-racist work and number of friends from different races for yourself.

FREE SHIPPING when bought with any other purchase. Buy now in time to receive them for the holiday season, for your White Xmas dreams to come true.

Thanks to Wai Ho for the email exchange that birthed the original digital certificate.

Printed on Ecocare recycled stock, signed with archival ink to last your lifetime.