Lorena ‘Cowboy’ Solin “Our Blood Boils” print

Image of Lorena ‘Cowboy’ Solin “Our Blood Boils” print


When the smoke clears and the dust settles a lone figure looks onto a restless crowd. With a tip of her hat to the heroes of yesteryear gunned down in the smoke and fire of history. With a nod to the people of the Philippines’ 1986 uprising and the blood spilled. She looks into the crowd and feels the heat of pent up anger. She's not a hero. Centuries of colonialism, agitation, insurrection, struggle, contributing to the boiling point of now. She’s not a hero but she's cut like a cowboy, with her butch spurs and the gleam of vengeance in her eye. She is ready to ride the revolution. She’s not a hero but she knows… your rage, your pain, your anger, your love. She knows that… Our Blood Boils

premium quality digital print on 180gsm
39 x 29.7cm each
posted rolled in postpak

Bulk orders available, contact TQ for details
Cost price posters available for people of colour non-profit organisations and collectives, schools, etc

(pls note, all items are sent uninsured, if you would like tracking / insurance please email for quote of additional cost)